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FYI (For your Information)

While I have you here, let's help you get past all the confusion of choosing "the right" Newborn Photographer. Other than the obvious factors of price, or style, the most important of any of these is safety. At this moment there are NO REGULATIONS for Newborn handling in photography or newborn photography sessions. As a Newborn and child Photographer, I make your baby my biggest concern. Not only has your new little one already gone through so much just arriving into this world, I train with worldwide reputable and professionally trained Newborn Photographer's in Canada and U.S. My training consist of hands on workshops and some online workshops taught by a certified Kinesiologists, Physiologists, Pediatric Physicians, Paramedics, Nurses and OBGYN's locally who focus solely on safe handling and practices at all times. I want you to know that this information is not only to help you understand but to merely educate you so you can choose the right Photographer for you and your family because if it is not me, which I may not be, the safety of your baby is the most important thing of all. Being a mother of a little boy who truly makes up my entire world....I don't know if I could trust him in the arms of anyone who wouldn't care for him like I do. Rightly so for you. I am incredibly proud of you for reading this as far as you have already! So make sure to ask some very important questions before handing over baby.   

All my newborn sessions are practiced (no matter what you may see in my gallery of images) with the up most caution and only appear as so created by Professional composite imagery which is the process of many images combined in one. No babies have ever been harmed or have ever been put in an unsafe position or pose in my studio. In my studio. Many digital images also created are taken by placing baby in an image that have been already created in art form. These are alot of work and are not included in all sessions but are a super fun way to get a extra fun, creative piece of art to add to your home. I am the Photographer but because I don’t work with an assistant, I absolutely love having the parents assist during their session. Assisting me with poses is part of your session so you can work alongside me knowing baby is completely safe. Hands are always on or near baby at ALL TIMES.   

Next question...YES, I am fully insured! I protect you and myself while here in my home studio. All precautions are taken to ensure my studio is a safe environment. Feel free to ask when booking for a copy, you can never be too safe! I am a fully registered and licensed business so you know I am truly a Professional and take pride in what I do!  

So...let's get back to the basics! Below are some general questions asked regarding your session, perhaps things you may not have thought of!  

What do I get with my package?

Great question! Each package includes different inclusions and is priced based on that. All of my sessions include digital files as well as studio time to capture what we need to fulfill your package contents. Some customizing is definitely is an option if you don't see what you like here.

Where are the Sessions held?

Anywhere! I do run an in-home studio where I prefer to do most of my work and all newborns and cake smashes. If you have a style or place in mind we can definitely talk more during the consultation.  

What should I wear?

This is probably the most commonly asked question. When planning for your session we will decide on colors and shades being used during the session. If there's no preference, just be you but stay away from patterns as they can be distracting, solid colors and neutral tones are always the most pleasing.  

When should I book my Newborn Session?

The VERY best time for baby is between 5-14 days new. At this age babies sleep deeper, have not yet formed rashes or skin disorders, usually have not developed cholic and many other things that make it imperative to bring them in as early as you can! I am available most days of the week, but I am a mom so let's get you on the calendar as soon as possible.  

What methods of payments are available?

Any way that is easiest for you! I accept Email money transfer (EMT), Credit Card or Cash and Cheque.


Run through the process? Sure...

Once you've decided what package you'd like to purchase, we begin with a deposit. Don't worry, it's just a small deposit just to hold your session time but it is non-refundable! Once that is received, let's chat! I can do an over the phone consultation with you to go over some of the tiny details of what you envision for your session. Some do's and don't's, things to bring and prepare for etc., then we meet at the session where your balance is due! That's it, your images are usually completed roughly 2-3 weeks after your session!

What are your hours?

I do need to be home for my son, as a mom I do juggle a few jobs but try to accommodate dates you have reserved for your session. Studio hours are Mon-Fri but may be able to accommodate other hours if I am able.

Can I print my own Images?

Of course! I will remind you that although you can print them elsewhere, I do not guarantee their products, quality or service, so I sure hope you print with me as my labs and I calibrate to offer the truest and best of quality. I offer enlargements, Albums, plaques, canvas and much more!